Evolution is the result of a careful and persistent work


Samples and molding

It is in this department that processes begin.
We start with the technical interpretation of the customer's drawings before creation. Then we make a presentation of the prototype and recommend the best options for the production, and the sample is completed after the client's approval. We manufacture all types of molds for clothing, which are made from a drawing or an item.


This is a department of great importance. We have the most advanced equipment in this sector, including automatic cutting machines (LECTRA) and automatic management software. This way, we can achieve the quality, effectiveness and cost precision.


Our technology, coupled with the experience and training of our staff, allows a production with the highest quality and efficiency through a high variety of solutions and materials used. This way, we can meet the challenges of the market in which we operate and which is constantly evolving.

Finishing and packing

In this sector the entire production is analyzed, to verify that everything is correct.
We also manage ironing and packing.

Quality control

Quality is assured through various control mechanisms used in each stage of the production process. Our quality policy starts from the bottom of the fabric purchase to goods shipment.

Communication and logistics

We have an experienced and qualified staff to understand and communicate with each customer, so that easily and in a short time we can achieve our goals.
It is also this department that allows the flexibility and speed of ordering process and products delivery, with all the logistics associated with these processes.


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